If you are here, it’s because you heard the conversation I had with Kymone Hinds on the Ideas to Life Podcast. I hope you enjoyed the conversation and got something out of it. Kymone is a great host and an even better person, and I know how committed he is to each of you maximizing your potential. I’m personally passionate about helping you shrink the gap between where you are and where you want to be. For many, this means helping them increase their impact and influence through building their personal platform.

As a brand and marketing strategist for almost a decade, I’ve found, in ministry or the marketplace, all visionary leaders face the same challenge: They’re busy doing what they do best, but they know they need to get better at marketing and leading their organization. Unfortunately, they don’t have the time, resources, or expertise to bridge that gap.

My job is to empower leaders with a plan and resources to turn their vision into value, and their passion into profit. I do that by acting as their GPS. We talk through the vision (their destination), we clarify where they are today (their starting point), and then choose the best strategy (or most effective route). We then create a detailed plan (their turn-by-turn directions), and I offer access to a network of expert partners (chauffeurs) to help them reach their destination.

To help you start discovering the right route for you, you must start by clarifying your goals (where you want to go) and your current situation (where you are right now), the latter of which is where the Personal Asset Map comes in. Before you commission your team to help you on a new initiative or sacrifice sleep for a side project, start by assessing the resources available to you.

Fill out the form and download your free Personal Asset Map so you can:

  • Discover the strengths and resources of your community.

  • Uncover new solutions to solve problems and move ideas forward.

  • View limitations as opportunities, not obstacles.

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